What to Expect from the Top Criminal Lawyer

If you are faced with the possibility of going to jail, you would want to be represented not just by an ordinary professional but to be represented by the top criminal lawyer. Your future is at stake so you should not take chances and get the services of only the best law firm. Here is what you can expect from the very best:

1.    Plea bargain agreement is done if you have a weak case. You will be working with the top criminal lawyer who can predict the outcome of the legal case just in case it goes on trial. His/her experience and knowledge make it possible for him/her to anticipate what the result will be, either acquittal or not. And if the chance of guilty resolution is predicted, then the solicitor will encourage you to enter into a plea bargain agreement. Through negotiations, your sentence can be reduced and in some cases, the guilty person does not even have to go to jail but get penalised pay for the crimes in the form of community services.

2.    The criminal solicitor will figure a sentencing program for you. If you will be found guilty, the solicitor will work for your punishment to be reduced. For example, if your sentence is ten months in jail, the counsel can negotiate to reduce it to six months and then serve the remaining months in a rehab facility.

3.    The criminal lawyer will represent you in case your constitutional rights are violated by the arresting officer. If your home was searched without a warrant, then the lawyer will help you and protect your rights.

If you have violated a law that led to your arrest, you still have the right to a court proceeding and let the top criminal lawyer defend you. As such, you need to pick the most competent professional to defend you and your rights. You can visit their website and check the payment options available for your case.