3 Ways to Prepare Wedding Function Rooms

A few days before your big day, one big task you must accomplish is to prepare the rooms you’ve chosen. After you realise one room can’t accommodate all your guests, you may have decided to get more than one, and that’s not a bad idea. In fact, with all the added space, your guests will feel more comfortable. You must do some things to prepare the rooms for your big day though including:


Since it’s a once in a lifetime event, you must see to it that the place is decorated properly according to your theme. If it’s a Western theme, there must be a lot of ropes, cowboy hats and fake guns scattered around the room. If it’s a beach theme, there must be a lot of beach balls all over the room and towels on the chair.

Put Table Numbers

For the guests to know where they’re supposed to be seated, you must put numbers on each table. After that, print the guest list and assign a table number to each guest. You wouldn’t want them to sit anywhere as that would lead to chaos.

Set the Stage

For the event to go as planned, the stage must be set with a huge screen. This is where everyone’s main attention will be on so it needs to be set up properly. All the wiring for the essential equipment needs to be organised so nobody will trip on them.

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