3 Events That are Ideally Held in a Function Room

Some events are so special that you’d want to make them big. For this, you can choose to reserve a function room. Here are 3 events when it’s appropriate to do that:


It’s a once in a lifetime event so you’d want to make it as grand as possible. You’d want all the people close to you and your partner to attend. That can be made possible if you reserve a large room. If you’ll avail of wedding packages, everything you’d need in an event is included including the host and sound system.


It only happens once a year so you’d want to make it very special. If you’ll avail of a birthday package, you’re also getting your customised birthday cake. You’ll blow your candles and make a birthday wish with your close friends singing in the background. Nothing would make you feel better than celebrating your birthday with the people who are very close to you in a grand location.


It’s always great to teach other people something new.  Whether the topic is about social media, IT, or make-up, you’ll need a big function room to hold many attendees. If you aim to raise money from the event (let’s say it’s a fundraiser), you’ll need as many attendees as possible. You won’t earn anything if you hold the seminar at a small classroom. It must be in a big function room. When you avail of a seminar package, you won’t have to worry about the materials and food anymore as that’s already included.

If any of these events are approaching, reserve wedding function rooms arranged by Dreux. They always give high priority to serving fresh food to give you something to look forward to. Their bartenders craft specialty cocktails that will bring more life to the event. The interiors of the rooms have first class written all over it as it has opulent chandeliers and timeless furniture.