First Steps in Promotional Video Production

In today’s business environment, you need promotional video production to achieve your marketing goals. This is not surprising since people are fascinated with watching real events captured by the video camera that started with the dawn of cinema.

Now that social media and the internet are the primary modes of communication, companies and individuals should further improve their video production efforts to promote their products, services and causes online. In fact, even Google and other search engines give priority to websites that have videos embedded on it.

However, for a company owner who does not know anything about videos, how should you start? Here are some easy steps:

Determine your goal – Do you want to sell your existing product or inform your customers about your latest offering? You need to have a clear goal and purpose before you embark on promotional video production. Below are some of the most common aims of online videos:

  • To increase brand awareness
  • To boost sales
  • To drive online traffic
  • To maximize customer engagement and participation
  • To educate clients

Choose the direction – After determining your goal, the next thing to do is to select how this will be presented in your video. The latter can be dome in many different ways, but it can take any of the following directions:

  • Introductory – an introduction of your product or company
  • Explanatory – an explanation of how the product or company works
  • Narrative – uses story elements to soft sell the product or company
  • Testimonials – uses interviews, quotes, and sound bites of satisfied customers

Set the tone – this refers to the character of your video. How do you want your audience to feel whilst watching your video? Do you want them to be entertained, motivated, inspired, or amused?

After going over these first steps in promotional video production, it’s time for the real thing. Search  for a competent company to carry out your concepts and turn your ideas into reality.