Why Every Business Needs Web Development

Web development is the process of building a website on the back-end. For already existing sites, it’s a way to improve the overall functions and usability of each page. It concerns a wide variety of aspects, including design, scripting, configuration and security.


It allows you to personalise each function.

Different industries will need different website functions. If you’re selling products, you’ll need an ordering and payment system that’s secure enough to protect your customers. For learning institutions, you’ll need a way to present your modules whilst offering enrolment options online. These functionalities can be achieved by developing your website.

It’s easy nowadays to create an automated website, with everything pre-set. Some business owners opt for this, thinking they’ll save money and labour. What they don’t realise is that they’re shorting themselves of the things they need to make the website effective. A personalised site is the best way to give your consumers the options they need.

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You can make sure that your pages are secure.

Small to medium businesses are the most common targets for a cyber-attack. One compromised function in your site’s system can release you and your client’s personal details. This can cause major losses for you and your customers. To add to this, you’ll lose the trust you worked so hard to establish. This is why it’s best to best to invest in developers that can increase your site’s security.

It can make your business more competitive.

Research shows that user-experience is the most important aspect of an effective site. In fact, websites that load slower than the 2.4-second standard perform worse in terms of conversions and bounce rates. 38% of users will stop engaging with websites if it’s poorly designed or doesn’t have the functionalities they need.

To top it all off, consumers form an opinion about your business within 10 seconds of visiting your site. Before even reading any content, they’ll judge your brand through the site’s aesthetics alone. In fact, research shows that 48% of people will base a business’ credibility through their website.